utterly exhausted nyt crossword

The New York Times crossword puzzle is known for its clever clues, intricate grids, and challenging vocabulary. But few puzzles have garnered more notoriety among solvers than the infamous Utterly Exhausted NYT Crossword puzzle by constructor Brendan Emmett Quigley. This puzzle, which debuted on July 21, 2017, left many solvers feeling fittingly exhausted by the time they reached the finish line.

A Deceptively Simple Theme

utterly exhausted nyt crossword

At first glance, the theme of the “Utterly Exhausted” puzzle appears almost pedestrian. The four theme answers are common phrases that have the word “spent” added to the end:

  • I’M ALL SPENT (17A: Wiped out, with “I’m”)
  • TIME SPENT (38A: Duration, with “time”)
  • MONEY SPENT (53A: Shopper’s loss, with “money”)
  • EFFORT SPENT (31D: Exertion, with “effort”)

Adding the word “spent” changes the meaning of each phrase into something that has been used up or exhausted. A straight-forward idea, but one that becomes the basis for a torturous solver experience. Unblocked Games 6X offers a diverse and enjoyable gaming experience with unrestricted access to an array of entertaining online games.

Devious Clues Push Solvers to the Limit

The real difficulty in the “Utterly Exhausted” crossword comes not from the theme entries, but from the extremely challenging clues throughout the rest of the fill.

Quigley peppers the puzzle with multi-word phrases hiding in a single cryptic-style clue, obscure trivia references that only an expert would know offhand, and not-so-subtle wordplay that twists common terms into unfamiliar shapes.

For instance, the clue at 41D “Provide critical material, in a way” yields the answer EDITORIALIZE. While a tricky clue on its own, following so many other difficult clues causes mental fatigue to set in quickly.

The across answers also show the same deviousness. The 13A answer FIENDS (clued as “They give the creeps“) crosses through three separate clues that each require working through multiple meanings and wordplay gimmicks.

Even simpler across clues end up more difficult than expected due to the crossings involved. 37A “Basic pie ingredients” looks like it should yield an easy answer, until you realize that the “ingredients” end up spelling ETESIAN – an obscure Greek wind name that few solvers will have handy.

Perseverance Pays Off in the End

Wrestling through the Utterly Exhausted NYT Crossword grid requires patience, resilience, and sometimes walking away for a mental break. But those who persevere are rewarded in the end with that satisfying feeling of having bested a truly tricky puzzle.

Unraveling each cryptic clue leads to small “aha” moments. Trivia answers you never would have remembered emerge after moments of concentration. You find yourself stretching your mind in ways you didn’t expect when starting this innocent-looking crossword.

And when you finally pencil in the very last letter, you can take pride in working through Quigley’s test of endurance. The successful solver earns the right to feel, well…utterly exhausted. At least until the next puzzle!

Tips for Tackling Utterly Exhausted NYT Crossword

For those attempting the Utterly Exhausted NYT Crossword for the first time, keeping these tips in mind may prevent complete mental meltdown:

  • Don’t be afraid to use references or look up answers you’re unsure about; fighting through stubs usually leads to more frustration.
  • Take breaks when needed to clear your head. Letting the Cubvh clues percolate in your subconscious can yield sudden insights.
  • Save the theme answers for last – their straightforward clues provide a nice confidence boost near the end.
  • Read every clue carefully and methodically instead of jumping to conclusions. Quigley’s wording is very precise.
  • Enjoy unraveling the clever clue constructions, even if it takes longer than a typical puzzle. That “aha!” moment is very satisfying.

Stay patient, persistent, and good-humored, and you’ll have a sense of real accomplishment when the last square is filled. Although you may also be Utterly Exhausted NYT Crossword!

By Edward Robinson

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