Expand Your Brand With Custom Mylar Packages for Your Product

Custom product packaging is one of the most cost-effective ways to expand your brand. Find out how the right provider can help you develop flexible packaging for any product. You can choose Mylar packaging or other materials and digitally design and print packaging. With expert advice, it is easy to create packaging that sells for you, keeps products fresh, develops your brand identity and connects your brand with more customers.

Let Your Package Sell for You

Consumer research indicates that product packaging can influence the purchasing decisions of nearly three-fourths of consumers in the United States. Prioritizing the development of attractive and distinctive stand up pouch packaging for your products can effectively promote your products in retail stores and online marketplaces.

The main considerations for expanding your brand through package design include colors, graphics or product photos and options for connected packaging features. Your products should appeal to your target customers and stand out from other offerings in the same market sector.

Keeping Your Products Fresh

Quality is essential when you are expanding your brand. After well-designed packaging piques shoppers’ interest, you should do everything that you can to ensure that every customer has a positive experience when opening a package. Mylar is one of the best materials for providing barrier functions, or sealing out oxygen, moisture or light that could otherwise degrade perishable products.

Certain products can benefit from additional packaging features. For instance, one-way degassing valves on quad seal coffee bags vent out carbon dioxide released by roasted coffee beans while preventing oxidation. You can also add resealable closures or other packaging features that encourage customers to store products in the original packaging, prolonging the impact of your branding and design decisions and keeping products fresh for longer.

Develop Your Brand Identity

Customizing packaging designs is an opportunity to consider how you want to present your brand to the public. The affordability of designing and printing digital packaging can enable a brand of any size to experiment with packaging designs until you find the best presentation for your products.

Packaging has a lot of power when it comes to consumer perceptions about your product. You can decide whether you want to take a trendy or timeless approach and continue to refine package designs based on findings from market research. In addition to design changes, you can also offer products in a wider range of package sizes.

Connect With More Customers

A connected packaging provider can help you find ways to direct customers to your brand website. By printing a Quick Response or QR code on packaging that customers can scan with smartphones, you can direct traffic to a landing page. On this page, you can provide information about ingredient sourcing, recommend recipes or encourage customers to write a review.

Developing custom packaging is a key step towards successfully marketing any product. When consumer interest and satisfaction drive your design decisions, you can find ways to grow your customer base independently of advertising. Get in touch with a packaging provider to discuss how custom Mylar packages could expand your brand.

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