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“That Which Flows By” is a captivating Korean manhwa that has enthralled readers worldwide with its rich storytelling, breathtaking visuals, and exploration of profound themes. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of this groundbreaking manhwa – from understanding the manhwa genre itself to unraveling the intricacies of the narrative, characters, artistic elements, and more.

Understanding the Manhwa Genre

Manhwa refers to Korean comics or graphic novels. Unlike Japanese manga, manhwa reads left-to-right like Western comics. Manhwa came into prominence in the 1920s but saw resurgence in the 2000s with webtoons – digital comics optimized for online and mobile reading.

The manhwa format allows for vibrant visual storytelling and unique narrative techniques rarely seen in other mediums. Manhwa has steadily grown a global fanbase drawn to the medium’s diverse stories, captivating artwork, and ability to explore complex themes.

That Which Flows By: The Premise

that which flows by

“That Which Flows By” revolves around the coming-of-age tale of Dani, a young girl with a mysterious supernatural ability that allows her to manipulate and divert the flow of destiny itself. When Dani gets entangled in a conspiracy threatening the kingdom, she must learn to harness her strange gift to protect the ones she loves.

With rich worldbuilding and an eclectic cast of characters, the manhwa takes readers on an unforgettable adventure brimming with action, intrigue, and heart. At its core lies profound ruminations on fate, free will, and human nature.

Character Exploration

The manhwa features a roster of multifaceted, nuanced characters that leap off the page. The story centers around our heroine Dani, whose indomitable spirit, empathy, and determination drive the plot forward. Alongside her are fan favorites like General Gyeol Seo, Dani’s brave and principled guardian, and Prince Yi Hyeon, a complex antagonist wrestling with inner demons. In this use sukıtır scooter is a small, lightweight, electric-powered scooter designed for individual use.

Seeing the characters grow, forge bonds, and navigate morally ambiguous choices makes for an emotionally resonant journey. It is their human struggles that give the story its soul.

Artistic Elements in That Which Flows By

Visually, “That Which Flows By” stuns with its painterly art style lush with detail. Sweeping vistas, elegant architecture, and dramatic lighting transport readers to a vibrant, living world. The subtle facial expressions and body language of the characters convey the emotional heft of scenes with cinematic flair.

The composition and flow of panels excel in amplifying the tension, wonder, and kinetic energy of pivotal story beats. The striking color palette evokes the manhwa’s melancholic atmosphere, harmonizing with the narrative’s darker undertones. Overall, the visual presentation matches the epic scale of the story, fully immersing the audience.

Themes Explored

At its heart, “That Which Flows By” is a meditation on the human condition. It delves deep into existential questions of fate versus free will, the morality of power, and the unintended consequences of even the best intentions gone awry. Through Dani’s coming-of-age journey, the manhwa also explores the themes of love, grief, belonging, and what it means to do right in a world filled with injustice.

Plot Twists and Turns

True to manhwa storytelling traditions, the narrative of “That Which Flows By” takes unexpected turns, keeping readers guessing. The mystery surrounding Dani’s origins, surprising reveals about true allegiances of characters, and intense magical confrontations punctuate Dani’s hero’s journey with thrills and intrigue.

Several side stories interwoven with the main plot add layers of depth while expanding the fictional universe. The story’s ability to surprise, build tension, and reinvent itself makes for a riveting, addictive reading experience.

Reader Engagement

“That Which Flows By” has cultivated an enthusiastic, interactive fan community. Readers flock to discuss heartfelt reactions, theories about future plot developments, analysis of themes, and the manhwa’s cultural impact.

Many creatively engage with the story by producing fan art, cosplay, music covers, and fan fiction – all celebrated by the manhwa’s creators. This vibrant celebration of the story is a testament to its ability to inspire imagination while resonating emotionally with its audience.

Critical Acclaim and Reviews

Critics have praised “That Which Flows By” for its poignant writing, multidimensional characters, skillful worldbuilding, and versatile artwork. Reviewers highlight the immersive fantasy elements, unpredictable plot filled with interpersonal drama, and the resonant exploration of philosophical themes.

While some reviews pointed out an occasional dip in pacing, most agree the manhwa marks a watershed moment for the medium – setting a new benchmark for Korean graphic fiction. Overall, the critical reception celebrates the narrative ambition, emotional sophistication, and technical mastery of the manhwa.

Influence on the Manhwa Genre

As one of the bestselling manhwa worldwide, “That Which Flows By” has had an undeniable influence on creators and readers alike. Its literary depth, cinematic visual language, and fusion of eclectic genre elements have inspired a wave of bold, experimental manhwas pushing the medium forward.

The runaway success of the series has also accelerated the popularity growth of manhwas globally, attracting new audiences. Its impact will likely be felt for years through the creative output of artists moved by its visionary brilliance.

That Which Flows By: Future Prospects

As the manhwa heads towards its highly anticipated conclusion, speculation runs rampant regarding spin-offs, adaptations, and the future of the franchise. Many hope to see the rich world and characters expanded through animation, novels, games, or other media.

The creators tease at upcoming side stories focused on fan-favorite characters yet to have their backstories fully explored. As the manhwa universe grows beyond the comic pages, so too does the enthusiasm of its ardent fans hungry for more adventures in its magical realms. Regardless of what comes next, “That Which Flows By” has undoubtedly cemented its legacy as one of the most influential manhwa of the era.


“That Which Flows By” represents a new pinnacle for manhwa through its blockbuster success and literary acclaim. Its affecting characters, unpredictable plot, resonant themes, and stunning visual artistry come together to create a transcendent reading experience. By pushing the creative boundaries of the medium, the series has broken new ground and ushered in an exciting new phase in manhwa’s evolution. Its magic promises to captivate imagination long after the final page.

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