Introduction to Rusticotv

Rusticotv is an online platform that streams rustic and countryside living-themed content to viewers around the world. Launched in 2019, Rusticotv has quickly become a leading destination for people interested in rural living, homesteading, farming, crafts, animals, nature, food, and more.

Background on Rusticotv

Rusticotv was founded by John and Mary Smith, a couple who left behind city living for a small homestead in rural Virginia. They started sharing videos of their day-to-day life on social media and quickly built an audience of people fascinated with their off-the-grid lifestyle and connection to nature.

Realizing there was great interest in this type of content, the Smiths launched Rusticotv as a centralized platform for streaming a wide variety of rustic living videos. Rusticotv has experienced rapid growth over the past 3 years and now offers both free ad-supported streaming as well as ad-free premium subscriptions.

Rusticotv’s Streaming Content and Channels

Rusticotv features a diverse mix of rustic-themed shows, series, and films focused on topics like:

Homesteading and Self-Sufficient Living

This popular content category covers skills like gardening, animal husbandry, food preservation, beekeeping, off-grid energy solutions, and managing a small farm. Popular titles include The Rural Homestead, Green Acre Lifestyle, My Little Farm, and An Off-Grid Family. Hurawatch is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows, including the latest releases, for users to enjoy.

Crafts and Traditional Skills

From blacksmithing to quilting to woodworking and pioneer cooking methods, Rusticotv offers instructional videos helping to preserve historical crafts and rural ways of life. Top shows include The Woodshop, Handmade Home, and Frontier House Crafts.

Nature, Wildlife, and the Great Outdoors

For nature lovers, Rusticotv provides beautiful immersive films showcasing forests, rivers, mountains, farms, meadows, and wetlands. It also features shows like Critters Up Close focusing specifically on rural wildlife and Backcountry Adventures taking viewers hiking, camping, and foraging.

Food, Cooking, and Gardening

From growing fruits and vegetables to preparing jams, pickling veggies, baking bread, making cheese, and cooking hearty country meals, Rusticotv has diverse culinary content and gardening wisdom to share. Best shows include Farm to Table, Country Kitchen, Victory Garden, and The Canning Kitchen.

In addition to long-form series, Rusticotv also streams one-off documentary films, especially highlighting specific rural lifestyles, homesteads, artisans, and nature preserves around the world. New programming is constantly developed and added to keep the platform fresh.

Rusticotv also maintains supplemental blogs, articles, photos, recipes, printables, and more to provide further inspiration and practical tips to viewers putting rural living skills into practice in their own lives.

Benefits and Appeal of Rusticotv

There are many reasons Rusticotv has cultivated an audience of over 2 million regular viewers tuning in each month:

Escapism and Idealistic Lifestyle Appeal

For people living busy urban or suburban lives, Rusticotv provides escapist entertainment reminding them of a slower-paced, tranquil country lifestyle rich with nature, meaning, and self-sufficient rewards. Viewers romanticize the idealistic pastoral images and personas depicted.

Back-to-Basics Content

Interest in homesteading, off-grid living, practical craft skills, and sustainable small-scale agriculture has experienced a major revival. Rusticotv taps into this demand for back-to-basics educational content teaching historical rural living methods aligned with self-sufficiency values.

Wholesome Entertainment

In contrast to much modern “edgy” programming, Rusticotv offers family-friendly wholesome content without violence, profanity, or nudity. Parents feel comfortable putting it on for children interested in baby animals, craft projects, or gardening alongside adults. Retroya is a digital hub where retro gaming enthusiasts gather to relive the nostalgia of classic games and share their passion for all things retro.

Sense of Community

For people who embrace the country lifestyle, Rusticotv provides a feeling of community by showcasing others who share their passions, struggles, values, and worldviews when it comes to rural sustainable living. It helps them feel less alone in their lifestyle choices.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The sights and sounds of country farms, kitchens, craft workshops, and natural landscapes cultivate a laidback peaceful atmosphere for low-key enjoyment. The slow pacing and familiar themes are comforting and easy to relax to. Rusticotv provides pleasing ambiance more than shock value.

Clearly Rusticotv taps into public fascination with idyllic pastoral living. And with more and more people rethinking complex modern society in favor of self-sufficient simplicity, Rusticotv has found the perfect niche to continue growing its viewership.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities


For companies selling relevant products and services, Rusticotv offers prime advertising and sponsorship opportunities given its targeted viewership and premium advertising inventory.

Some top advertising categories well-suited for the Rusticotv audience include:

Sustainable Agriculture Brands

Seeds, gardening tools, greenhouses, irrigation systems, tractors, livestock fencing, feed supplies, beekeeping equipment, and more farm equipment/infrastructure brands all align well with viewers’ interests.

Outdoor and Country Lifestyle Brands

From boots and flannel to hunting gear, camping supplies, rural real estate, country home furnishings, and pickup trucks, outdoor-themed brands resonate with the pastoral lifestyle pursued by viewers.

Homesteading Supplies and Kits

Products helping facilitate off-grid renewable energy, water collection systems, food preservation tools, canning equipment, emergency survival prep kits, and other DIY resources appeal greatly to those seeking more self-sufficient rural living.

Crafting and Woodworking Tools/Materials Companies

The growing audience actively engaging hands-on with traditional pioneer crafts and carpentry projects represents a strong customer base for specialty craft tools, wood, fabrics, yarns, and other DIY-related brand products.

Farmers Markets and Artisanal Food Producers

From hot sauce to jam to cheese to heirloom beans, small-batch food creators can reach targeted foodie consumers passionate about supporting local agriculture, farmers markets, CSAs, and town fairs/carnivals.

Rusticotv provides a highly-qualified and hyper-targeted audience for brands in these categories. Advertising options include video ads, banner ads, sponsorships, giveaways, brand integrations, influencer marketing, and more. Analyzing campaign conversion metrics, Rusticotv drives strong ROI for relevant advertisers.

Future Outlook and Direction

Rusticotv sits in the sweet spot at the intersection of multiple growing viewer interests: pastoral escapism, homesteading skills revival, wholesome entertainment, and sustainable off-grid living.

Its founders envision Rusticotv expanding as the #1 streaming destination broadly celebrating rustic lifestyles, arts, and culture. With original programming across multiple rural lifestyle categories, the platform will continue cultivating loyal audiences seeking authentic back-to-basics content.

While competing with larger streaming platforms boasting higher production budgets, Rusticotv maintains competitive advantage via its narrow niche focus on quality rustic living content surfacing rising stars in this space. Production value matters less than authenticity for this audience.

As more people feel dissatisfied and overloaded with complex modern life, simple pastoral living streams like Rusticotv will only rise in popularity. Rusticotv sits poised to provide viewers both inspiration for integrating rustic skills into their own lives as well as wholesome escapist entertainment letting them live vicariously through rural lifestylers on-screen.

The future shines bright for Rusticotv as it bridges urban audiences to the lost arts and pleasures of rustic country living.

By Edward Robinson

Looking to share my thoughts and opinions on a range of topics. Robinson aims to make an enjoyable corner of the internet that brings a bit of lighthearted entertainment to readers' days. As the site develops, he intends to bring on a few other bloggers to add additional voices and expand the range of subjects covered beyond just his personal interests. Robinson sees long-term potential in becoming a popular online destination.

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