Guide to Mastering the Genshin Impact Combat

If you don’t know Genshin Impact combat, it may seem complicated. However, the system isn’t so complex. In this guide, we will demonstrate how the battle is done in Genshin Impact. Get ready to use your elemental powers and defeat all enemies

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Elemental Reactions

The Genshin Impact combat revolves around a symphony of Genshin Impact elements. When different elements come into contact, they trigger powerful reactions that can amplify your damage output and leave enemies reeling. Mastering these reactions is the key to dominating the battlefield.

Teyvat is governed by seven elements, each with unique properties:

  • Anemo (Wind): Anemo swirls other elements, enhancing their effects and grouping enemies for focused attacks.
  • Geo (Earth): Geo creates sturdy shields and disrupts enemy formations. Geo constructs can also trigger powerful resonance effects.
  • Electro (Lightning): Electro superconducts enemies, reducing their physical resistance. It ignites elemental reactions with Hydro and Pyro.
  • Hydro (Water): Hydro applies a “wet” status to enemies, making them vulnerable to Electro-charged reactions and Freeze.
  • Pyro (Fire): Pyro burns enemies over time and melts frozen enemies for massive damage. It also vaporizes Hydro for increased area-of-effect damage.
  • Cryo (Ice): Cryo freezes enemies, rendering them immobile and susceptible to Shatter.

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Elemental Mastery and Damage Types

Elemental Mastery is an important stat because it increases the strength of your elemental reactions. Characters who depend on manipulating elements for strong impacts need this attribute.

There are two main damage types in Genshin Impact. Firstly the Physical Damage. This comes from normal attacks, charged attacks, and plunging attacks. It’s not affected by elemental reactions. Secondly, we have Elemental Damage.This damage scales with your character’s elemental damage bonus and is amplified by elemental reactions.

Building Your Team – Roles and Composition

Genshin Impact includes a wide range of characters, each having their role in your team:

  • Offense: The force that is mainly used for attacking, it delivers strong elemental or physical harm to eliminate enemies fast.
  • Support: These characters provide buffs to your team’s attack, healing to keep them fighting, or debuffs to weaken enemies.
  • Sub-DPS: These versatile characters deal good damage while also triggering elemental reactions or providing utility.
  • Healer: Keeps your team healthy with healing spells and abilities.

Forming a balanced team that uses elemental reactions effectively is important for beating difficult content. Imagine a Pyro character setting an enemy ablaze, followed by a Hydro character vaporizing the flames for a damage explosion!

Tips and Tricks for Genshin Impact Combat

Here are some additional tips to elevate your Genshin combat prowess:

  • Learn the enemy’s moves: Observe enemy attack patterns and dodge effectively. Utilize animation canceling to maximize your attack uptime and keep yourself in the fight.
  • Unleash Elemental Power: Strategically use character bursts (powerful ultimate abilities) and elemental skills (special attacks) to deal significant damage or provide powerful buffs.
  • Know Your Enemy: Pay attention to enemy elemental resistances and adjust your team composition accordingly. Some enemies may have a strong resistance to Pyro, so consider using a team with strong Hydro or Cryo damage instead.


Keep on practicing and dedicating yourself, you will become a master in fighting within the world of Genshin Impact. Trying different things, cooperating with others, and understanding elemental reactions deeply will help you to fully use your abilities. Now is the time for you to conquer everything with the power of elements!

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