What is Divijos?

Divijos is an online interior design service platform that allows users to get their homes and offices professionally designed without having to hire traditional interior designers. The platform matches users with top interior designers from around the world and enables seamless online consultations and design services.

Key Features of Divijos

Some of the key features of Divijos that set it apart include:

Global Designer Network

Divijos has built a global network of over 500 top interior designers from 40+ countries. This allows users to get matched with designers that suit their specific requirements, style preferences and budgets, no matter where they are located.

Online Consultations

Users can have unlimited online consultations over chat, audio and video with their matched designers before finalizing design plans. The ability to visually communicate ideas makes the process very efficient.

Customized Designs

Every space designed on Divijos is completely customized to the client’s needs and preferences. Designers create detailed 2D floorplans, 3D renderings, mood boards, furniture plans, lighting plans etc tailored to each user.

Hassle-free Execution

Once design plans are finalized, Divijos also oversees execution, sourcing furnishings from top brands and vendors, quality control and timeline management. This ensures seamless service from design to execution.

Cost-effective Pricing

By leveraging technology and eliminating expensive overhead costs, Divijos is able to offer interior design services at a fraction of traditional design costs, starting at just $99 per room.

Benefits of Using Divijos


Some key benefits that Divijos offers homeowners and business owners include:

Saves Time and Effort

Users no longer need to spend time and effort finding, meeting and vetting multiple interior designers for their projects. Divijos matches them instantly based on requirements.

Quality Designs Guaranteed

Every designer on Divijos is vetted for quality and only the top 10% make the cut. Their work is reviewed and monitored to ensure consistently high design quality.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Everything from consultations to payments and design delivery is handled online, making the process smooth and convenient for users.

Great Value for Money

Divijos offers high-end design work of commercial quality at attractive prices by optimizing operational costs. Great value for users.

End-to-End Service

The platform oversees the entire process from designing to actualization and execution, rather than just creating concepts. This ensures effective completion.

How Does Work?

Divijos has an intuitive online platform that makes interior design services accessible and convenient. Here is an overview of how it works:

Designer Matching

Based on the details submitted in a design questionnaire, Divijos matches users with 3-4 top designers specialized in the user’s specific project type. Users can see designer profiles and portfolios before selecting one.

Online Consultations

Users then have online consultations over chat, audio or video calls with the matched designer to discuss requirements, preferences, vision and objectives for the space.

Customized Designs

Leveraging the consultation details, the designer then creates a completely customized design with 2D layouts, 3D visualizations, furniture details, lighting plans, mood boards and more based on the client’s aesthetic.

Design Finalization

The client reviews this design plan and suggests edits if any. The design undergoes iterations until signed off on by the client.

Execution and Quality Control

Post finalization, handles sourcing, logistics, quality control and timelines to transform the design plan into reality. Clients get regular project updates and supervision is provided.

This well-structured process enables customized, convenient design services for homes and offices at great value.

Conclusion of divijos

Divijos offers a refreshing new approach to interior design that connects design seekers with top global talent in a seamless online process. It makes high-quality design services easily accessible at reasonable pricing. With technology, specialization, standardization and scale, Divijos aims to create the future of interior design while raising industry standards. Its global designer talent pool and focus on design quality sets it apart as an industry leader.

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