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Introduction to 92Career

92Career is an online career guidance and job search platform based in India. Founded in 2015, 92Career aims to help students and professionals find the right career path and jobs that match their skills, interests and personality.

Finding The Right Career – Key Services Offered by 92Career

With so many career options to choose from, it can get overwhelming for students and professionals to decide which career is the best fit for them. 92Career makes finding the right career easier through its unique offerings:

Career Counselling and Assessment Tests

92Career has an extensive career counselling process conducted by certified counsellors. Students can take psychometric and aptitude tests which provide deep insights into their strengths, personality traits, skills etc. Based on the test results and 1-on-1 counselling sessions, expert counsellors guide students on potential career paths suitable for them.

Extensive Career Resources

The platform offers a wealth of resources on different careers and education options. These include detailed career guides, entrance exam resources, college finder tools, alumni experiences and more. Such extensive resources help students research in-depth on careers before deciding.

Personalised Career Recommendations

Based on students’ profiles, test results and interests, 92Career provides personalised career recommendations listing out the best careers and courses they can consider. This data-based approach makes decision making precise and simplified.

Expert Guidance on Premier Colleges

92Career has a dedicated vertical – Site that provides end-to-end guidance on studying abroad. Right from shortlisting colleges as per interests and profiles to application process assistance, visa guidance and more, it helps students pick the right colleges abroad.


Key Elements of 92Career’s Job Search Platform

Along with career guidance, 92Career also has a huge job search platform for professionals looking for the right job opportunities. Key features include:

Fresher & Experienced Job Listings

92Career has tie-ups with various companies and recruitment firms. It allows professionals across experience levels to search relevant open job positions from thousands of listings on the portal. One can find jobs via filters like location, industry, job type etc.

Job Application Tracking

Professionals can apply to desired jobs directly from the 92Career app and web portal. The application tracking system allows seamless tracking of all job applications end-to-end.

Profile Builder & Resume Database Access for Recruiters

92Career provides innovative resume builder tools using AI that help professionals create impressive, recruiter-friendly resumes. Professionals can make their resumes visible to 10000+recruiters from 92Career’s recruiter database for more job opportunities.

Job Insights, Preparation Resources & Alerts

For tailoring one’s job search, 92Career offers insights into industry/role based hiring insights, preparation resources for interviews/tests and personalized job alerts. These features refine the job search experience.

Key Focus Areas of 92Career

As a holistic career guidance and job search platform, 92Career focuses on catering to some key audience groups in more targeted ways:

For Students – Simplifying Career Decisions

92Career -For Students - Simplifying Career Decisions

92Career aims to leverage its psychometric tests, career resources and counselling methodology to help students take more informed career decisions aligned to their innate potential. Some of the offerings include:

  • School students career evaluation packages
  • Comprehensive UG/PG career guidance packages
  • Profile building tools – personal statement, resume building guidance etc.

For Working Professionals – Upskilling & Job Upgrade

For professionals looking for better jobs or career upgrade, 92Career provides relevant upskilling courses, certification guidance, resume advisory services etc. This equips them with prerequisites to ascend job roles.

For Universities & Colleges

92Career partners with 100+ universities and colleges across India to offer integrated career advisory services. This includes psychometric tests, profile building, access to jobs & internships and grooming sessions for the institute’s students.

For Recruiters – Access To Right Candidate Profiles

With its large student and professional database, detailed profiles and advanced filters, 92Career enables recruiters and HRs to easily shortlist and access profiles as per niche hiring requirements. Companies can also list unlimited job openings and directly accept applications.

The 92Career Advantage

As a career-tech platform, 92Career aims to harness technology, content and expert guidance seamlessly to deliver maximum career value to its users. Some of its biggest advantages include:

Industry Best Psychometric Tests

Developed with expert psychologists, 92Career offers best-in class psychometric and aptitude tests for students. These provide unmatched depth into interests, personality, strengths etc., making career mapping very precise.

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Strong Industry Partnerships & Tie-ups

92Career has exclusive tie-ups with companies across sectors like IT, Finance, Marketing etc. It ensures easy access to 10000+ jobs, hiring insights and ability to connect with industry experts through the platform.

Panel of 500+ Certified Career Experts

The career advisory team has 500+ certified experts including career counsellors, ex-admission officers and subject matter experts. Their experience backed guidance adds immense value in career decision making for users.

92Career – User Friendly Platform

92Career - Innovative & User Friendly Platform

Leveraging latest technology, 92Career provides multi-channel access via web and mobile apps. The intuitive UI, superior recommendations, smart job matching make the overall experience very user-friendly.

So in a nutshell, 92Career simplifies the entire process of finding the right career and landing the dream job. Its trusted guidance, vast resources and AI innovations give it an edge making career-decisions not daunting but informed and rewarding for today’s youth and professionals.

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